What is Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse | Can Drug Addiction be treated?

What is Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse | Can Drug Addiction be treated?

What is Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse | Can Drug Addiction be treated?

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is also known as substance use disorder, it affects a person’s behavior, brain, and actions. The person uses a legal or illegal drug. It can also influence the person’s family, business, individual health, society, and near by groups.

Drug addiction is not about just Cocaine, Heroin, or other illegal drugs. People also become addicted to Alcohol, Nicotine, Pain killers, and other legal substance.

Firstly many people choose to take drugs because they like the way it makes feel them. They may think they can control how much and how often they use it. But with the passage of time drugs decide how your brain works. The addiction risk varies by drugs, how fast people become addicted. Some drugs like pain killers cause addiction more quickly than others and have a high risk of addiction. With time they may need a larger dose of drugs. When you started taking drugs oftentimes then it becomes very difficult to go without drugs. When you want to stop taking drugs, intense cravings start and you feel physically ill.

Drug Addiction & College Students | CollegeBasics

Causes of Drug Addiction:

It differs from person to person, most people start using drugs to escape from pain or traumatic situation. Some people use for enjoyment, some use after untreated psychological problems like depression anxiety. Some other issues are following here

  • Medical condition
  • Having low self-esteem
  • Marital problems, family problems
  • Break up or loss of loved ones
  • Stress, Anxiety or any Trauma
  • Poverty
  • Sake of pleasure

Symptoms of Drug Addiction:

  • Craving of drugs, using regularly or on a daily bases
  • Having urges for the drugs.
  • Can’t focus and think clearly.
  • Dramatic changes in habits.
  • They can involve in criminal activities.
  • Glazed eyes, constricted pupils
  • Physical coordination poor, weight loss or gain, or red eyes.
  • Skin changes, change in hygiene.
  • Disturbed sleeping patterns
  • Increasing irritability.
  • Change in attitude or Depression.
  • Spending money on Drugs, even they can’t afford it.
  • Anxiety and paranoid thinking.

                   Drug Abuse                                               Drug Addiction

Drug abuse problems are often perceived by less harmful than Drug addiction. Drug addiction is more harm full than drug abuse.
Not able to do what is necessary at home, work, or school behavior caused by taking drugs. Using a larger amount of drugs, less interest in old hobbies, less interaction with school friends or society, with drawing from family.
Problems caused by legal drugs Change in behavior. Problems caused by legal or illegal drugs change behavior.
One or more issues in past years. Facing issues from 3-12 months period

Stats and Figures: Drug Addiction in America - San Diego | API


Yes, treatment of drug addiction is available or possible but it’s not easy. Because addiction is not a normal disease it is chronic. People who are addicted can’t simply stop using drugs or they can’t be cured in days. Mostly they needed a long time to stop using drugs.

Principles of Effective treatment :

  • Addiction is treatable however it’s complex
  • A quick approach to treatment is necessary for people.
  • Every person should understand this single treatment is not right for everyone.
  • They should know staying for long treatment can critical.
  • Therapies and counseling are the most important and commonly use.
  • Medication is also an important part of treatment with behavioral therapies.

Effective Treatments of Drug Addiction:

  • Counseling and behavioral therapy.
  • Drug base treatment and Medication.
  • Application used to treat withdrawal-like Medical devices.
  • Other psychological factors like Depression, Anxiety should be treated.
  • Long term care or followup to reduce relapse.

List of commonly used illegal Drugs:

  • Tobacco/Nicotine
  • Khat
  • Alcohol
  • Dimethyltryptamine (DMT)
  • Gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB)
  • Heroin
  • Ketamine
  • Prescription Opioids

People should avoid all types of drugs for a healthy or happy life. If someone becomes addicted, they should take proper treatment.


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