The Sky is Pink Honest Review


The Sky is Pink Honest Review

– Mama!

– Yes, father.

– Dipty ma’am doesn’t save me much. Then he is standing in one corner of the class.

– Why?

– Because I gave sky color pink in the drawing class. Mamma, the color of the sky is not pink?

– Dipty mum is absolutely wrong! You can give your sky the color you want.

– All my friends have called me a fool. They say the sky is blue or blue.

– Now stop crying and listen to Momma, okay?

– Dipty Mum …

– No need to change the color of your sky in anyone else’s words. Never Ok Everyone has their own sky. You understand? To me, the color of my sky seems to be what I have given it. If you think your sky will be pink, then your sky will be pink. Diameter!

The film centers on a girl who has a debilitating illness, and at the beginning of the film, it is said that the girl will die once. That is, until the very last moment, the breathing sensation does not matter. The viewer knows from the beginning, the girl will die.

That means, whether the girl survived or died in the end, is never the main point of the film.

To most people, the film is merely a story of a daughter’s death leading up to her death, and her family, especially her mother, making a desperate attempt to bring her back to life, or to tempt her death. But what is it? Not at all. The focus of this film is much deeper, and much wider.

However, his mother played a bigger role in the film than the girl. And his point of view has been repeatedly reflected in the same view. Where the girl’s father always wanted to escape from reality, never remembered his first deceased daughter, and after the second girl died, his memory was forgotten, the girl’s mother did something very different.

From the very beginning, she has poured the golden times of her life into the back of a sick daughter, as well as trying to fulfill all the expectations of her daughter’s life and all her dreams. She has even been shown various ‘conspiracies’ to make sure that the girl can kiss her boyfriend and do more if she wants to!

Among the small things is the fact that the whole picture story and the nomenclature are worthless. Director Sonali Bose did not want to create a picture that would see the tingling sensation become one with tears in the nose of the viewer. Notice that in this movie no backdrop was used in the moments of sadness.

This kind of ‘tech’ about death has never been seen in Bollywood, at least in the past. In almost all films of death-centered, they have tried to exaggerate death in such a way as to make the story so weepy in the last scene of the film, that the viewer has to leave the hall to wipe his eyes. ” is the film, where the visible element of the story is death, but the invisible force is the name of life.


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