The Shashank Redemption


The Shashank Redemption 1994 is a US epic drama movie. The film, directed by Frank Darabont, stars Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton, William Seidler, Clancy Brown, Gil Bellows, James Whitmore.

It is ranked # 1 among IMDB’s “Top 20” movies, with over a million votes (9.3 out of 10) and is considered the best movie of all time.

Summarize the story

In Portland, Maine, banker Andy Dufresne was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences in 1947 for murdering his exotic wife and wife lover.

Shashank became friends with Penn State prisoner during his imprisonment, along with life-imprisoned Alice “Red” Reading. Red prison used to smuggle inmates into various prohibited / illegal things; Once he was brought to Andy by a rockhammer, and once a huge poster by actress Rita Hayworth.While working in the prison laundry, Andy was often persecuted by Boggs and his gang “Sisters”.

At 1949, Captain Byron Hadley of the prison guards got into tax trouble on his heirloom estate, when Andy came to know of it and helped him to get the property by avoiding tax.

Shortly after Boggs nearly beaten Andy, Hadley grabbed Boggs and beat him and transferred to another prison. Meanwhile, the warden of the jail Samuel Norton was startled by Andy’s words and appointed him to the jail library; There, Brooks Hatlen, an old prisoner, was in care for many years, and Andy helped him. In addition, the jail staff continued to carry out their financial accounting work.

At one time, almost everyone in the prison, from watchman to prisoner, even the warden himself, began to carry out his bank transactions with Andy. Meanwhile, Andy began sending letters to the state government asking for donations for the jail’s decaying library.

After fifty years in prison, Brooks released parolettation in 1954, but did not stay on set with the world and committed suicide. Problems controlling Andy’s library are seen, and patients have curriculum and gun recorders

Play the Mike, a resident of a small part of Andy the Mirage of Figaro Village, to enjoy life-threatening imprisonment. Reid Red from there, giving her ticket to her husband Ashai; Red is the resource.

In 1963 Norton began to make small quantities of regular profits for the use of public-working workers, accidentally by accident. And Randyte Stephens spies the bank under the pseudonym of the money laundering the Endicott doll.

Tommy Williams Shashank was jailed for theft in 1965. In his friendship with Andy and Red, Andy helps him pass the General Educational Development (GED) test.

In 1966, Tommy tells Red and Andy that a fellow inmate in another prison confessed to him that he had murdered Andy’s wife.Andy then goes to Norton with the information, but Norton refuses.

When he mentioned the money laundering, Norton detained him in solitary confinement and later murdered Tommy with Hadley and preached that Tommy had escaped from prison.

If Andy refuses to continue laundering, Norton threatens to force him. Two months later he leaves, telling Red that his dream is to live in the small town of Zihuatanejo, off the coast of Mexico.

Red realizes that Andy’s thoughts are unrealistic, but he talks to Andy that once he is released, Andy will go to a special place in Maine’s Box and find out something he has kept. She gets upset when she learns that Andy has demanded a 6-foot rope from another prisoner.

The next day when the prisoners were named, the guards found that Andy’s cell was empty. In this, Norton became angry and scolded and at one point threw a poster at an actress on the wall.

The stone leaked posters and fell into a tunnel underneath the tunnel that Andy had dug for 19 years, with a little rockhammer.

The previous night, he fled the tunnel and Suez’s pipe, and tied the rope to Norton’s suit, Shu, and the money laundering proof “laser book.”

While the prison guards are searching for Aoandi, she goes to various banks in a Randall Stephens pseudonym and picks up the laundering money and sends a laserbook and evidence of Shashank’s corruption to a local newspaper. State Police arrived and took Hadley into custody, and Norton committed suicide just to avoid arrest.

Forty years in prison he was released on Red Parole. He tries to get used to the life outside of prison, but fears he won’t be able to survive. Then I remember giving Andy, Red goes to Buxton; Andy’s letter, invitation to go to Jihuatanejo, and money for tickets. The Red Parole was broken into Mexico by crossing the border with Fort Hancock, Texas; Admittedly, he has regained hope so far. He meets Andy on a beach in Jihuatanejo and two friends finally get together.


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