Story of a queen of Bollywood


Story of a queen of Bollywood

February 24, 2018, was a day of mourning in Bollywood. Queen of thousands of hearts, Sridevi, who ruled the screen for the longest time, opened her eyes for the last time in Dubai.

His sudden death not only shocked Bollywood’s glittering world but brought a dark cloud of death to the hearts of thousands of his fans, especially those who were fans of Hindi cinema in the eighties and nineties.

As far as the current generation is concerned with this talented and influential actress, the identity and the talent of Sridevi more than her previous generation, Nagin and Mr. Those who grew up watching India. In the Indian cinema world, a new tradition of heroic triumph begins in the hands of this outstanding beauty.

The actress, who has been playing for the longest time in the history of Bollywood as a heroine, started from a very young age. From then on, the twists of life were no less exciting for him than in the movie world.

Huge achievements, perhaps the greatest disapproval and popularity for a heroine in the world of the screen at that time, the highest prize after another, the personal life and love of discussing criticism, the end of romance, the first heroine to return to the main character on screen again after a decade-long break. Come and finally a sudden departure from all his glory – what is not a thrilling movie in his life? Let’s turn from the alley of legend to this heroine’s life.

Lifetime Vegetarian Sridevi was born on 13 August in 1963 Madras, India. Sridevi is known in the world, but her real name is Shri Amma Iyagar Iyappa.

My father was Tamil Nadu resident Ayyipa and Telugu’s mother was Rajeshwari. The heroine’s childhood is spent with two stepbrothers and one sister. From an early age when ten children ran to school bags, Sridevi came across the world of acting.

Going to the stage rather than going to school spends most of his childhood. From there the path of this constellation began.

At the age of just four, he acted in the Tamil movie ‘Thunavan’. After that as a child artist many more in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada cinema.

He made his Bollywood debut as a child actor in the movie ‘Rani Mera Naam’. At the age of thirteen, she starred in the first row as a college-educated girl in this triangle love story.

After huge popularity as a heroine in Tamil and Telugu cinema, she started her journey as a heroine through the movie ‘Solva Saiyan’ in 1979 and came to the notice of Himmatwala in the year 1989. Then his story is just a story of success and screenplay one after another.

His list of successful films continues to include names like ‘Mawali’, ‘Tohfa’, ‘Naya Kadam’, ‘Maqsad’, ‘Masterji’, ‘Nazrana’, ‘Mr. India’, ‘Waqt ki Awaaz’, ‘ Chandni ‘how much more! ‘Chandni’ and ‘Mr. Sridevi’s magnificent presentation in India cinema creates a lasting fascination in the viewer’s time.

The next story is much brighter, the bigger the success story. Movies like ‘Nagina’, ‘Sadma’, ‘Chalbaaz’, ‘Khuda Gavah’, ‘Lamhae’, ‘Gumrah’, ‘Ladle’ and ‘Judai’ write the names of Sridevi on silver letters in the Indian film world.

Sridevi is the first heroine to occupy such a long-lasting place in this world. At the same time, he brought a lot of recognition, honor and popularity to his holdings. ‘Khuda Gavah’, based on the love story of an Afghan girl shot in Afghanistan, is still one of the most popular movies in Afghanistan.

With his outstanding performance in the movie ‘Judai’, the film magazine ‘Boli Spice’ commented, “His dazzling acting talent completely unleashes all the greed and character traits of the character.”

It is the movie that brings Sridevi to her eighth Filmfare Award. So far, Sridevi has acted in more than 300 films.

His stride in the acting world has brought him numerous awards, including eight Filmfare Awards. Padma Shri, the country’s fourth-highest civilian award, was received by the Government of India in 2013.

Eight more were nominated for the Filmfare Award. He has been awarded with the highest film awards in the state of Tamil Nadu and more than twenty-one awards and honors.

The most notable of these are the two separate honors received from the Government of Kerala and the President of India in 2013. In an interview in 2013, he said,

“Instead of going to school or college, it was a regular visit to a shooting place. I started acting as a straight heroine from a child artist and I didn’t even have a chance to think of anything else. I must be thankful for these. ”

To tell the story of the life of this legend, there are two more tragic events. His mother died of complications following a brain tumor surgery in 1995. The doctor made a mistake where the tumor underwent surgery on his back and destroyed parts of his brain’s vision and memory.

The incident was widely discussed in the American media, and after a successful legal battle, President Bill Clinton was forced to pass a law to disclose the hospital’s medical and surgical errors.

In 2012, Sridevi came to Amir Khan’s social welfare program ‘Satyamev Jayate’ as a victim of child sexual abuse. His involvement proves the prevalence of this disorder in all parts of society.

A few days before the end of this colorful life, he crossed the border. He was first believed to have died of cardiac arrest but after autopsy, it was reported that he died suddenly in a bathtub at the hotel.

Alcohol was also found in the body. She went to Dubai with her husband and daughter to attend the wedding of a relative. She wants to stay with her family for a while even after everyone gets back after marriage.

Though his death has been widely reported in the media, the skepticism of the whole matter is no less.

There are many more questions regarding Sridevi’s departure but now she is shaking her head.

Was this really popular heroine so happy in her life, as seen from the outside? Did she ever feel proud of the decisions her mother made in her professional and personal life? Thousands of men wished this woman had any resentment over her love and marriage incompatibility? He left the answers of these questions incomplete and went far beyond worldly life. But even when he is gone, his talent and personality will remain a sign of the entertainment world and millions of fans.


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