Types of Personality | Are you Extrovert, Introvert, or Ambivert?

Types of Personality | Are you Extrovert, Introvert, or Ambivert?

Types of Personality | Are you Extrovert, Introvert, or Ambivert?

What is Personality

Personality is a combination of qualities, characteristics, emotions, cognition, and set of behaviors that form an individual distinctive character.

Do you want to know which type of your personality is? Here we will discuss either you are INTROVERT, EXTROVERT or may be AMBIVERT.


Extrovert type people are social, informal, more active, practical, livelier, confident, energized by socializing, and talkative. They have following characteristics:

  • Love to talk.
  • Enjoy being center of attraction.
  • Broad interest
  • Multiple talent
  • Very open
  • Solve problems through discussion.
  • Don’t like or need a lot of alone time.
  • Socially attached with people.
  • Optimistic or out going.
  • Take risk easily.
  • Expressive
  • Speak what they think
  • Team oriented or family oriented.

If you have these characteristics you are Extrovert:

  • You are a gregarious person.
  • You are a social butterfly.
  • You are very friendly.
  • You are really outgoing.


Introvert people are shy, quite, avoid social gathering, and thought individually. Mostly they remain isolated. They are opposite of extrovert. They are more prone on thinking, having keen interest in own psyche. They always stay formal, less social, talk less. They have following characteristics:

  • Prefer indoor activities to outdoor ones.
  • Less social
  • Give time to themselves
  • Drained by social interaction
  • Like working alone
  • Introspective and curious
  • Prefer writing over talking.
  • Having small group of close friends.
  • Enjoy solitude.
  • Mostly Quite.
  • Think before speaking.
  • More reserved.
  • Solo activities.
  • Day Dreaming.

If you have these characteristics you are introvert:

  • You are reserved.
  • You like to spend time with close friends.
  • You usually listen more.


Ambivert are those people who have qualities of both extrovert and introvert, and they show these qualities according to their mood, context, and goals. They have following Characteristics:

  • Good listener.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Comfortable with social life but also prefer alone time.
  • Live balance life.
  • Being center of attraction feels good but don’t like it to last.
  • In front of some people you may quite, while for some other people you are highly talkative.
  • Prefer meaningful talk.
  • Sometimes very reserved.
  • Take alone time in small doses.
  • Build trust, get along with everyone.
  • Truly empathize with people.

You can judge your personality if you have these characteristics:

  • You change your personality based on the situation.
  • When topic of interest come up you are more than happy to talk about it.
  • You can perform task alone or in a group.
  • You can get lost in your own thoughts just as easily as you can lose yourself in a conversation.
  • You like to have backup.
  • You tend to balance out people around you.

I’m ambivert. You can also judge your own personality and comment below which type of personality do you have.


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