Hacks Ridge:The story of getting the ‘Medal of Honor’ without firing a shot at the war


Hacks Ridge:The story of getting the ‘Medal of Honor’ without firing a shot at the war

World War II continues. One wants to join the American military in that war. But he promised not to shoot anyone, not kill people. How is that possible? War means violence, ammunition.Therefore, to survive on the battlefield, killing enemies is compulsory. But there was an example of a peaceful young soldier named Desmond Doss. He received the “Medal of Honor” for his valor without killing even a single person. How? The true story of this story is based on the movie “Hacks Ridge”.


Desmond Doss hit his younger brother Harold Doss head-on with a brick during a series of fights. Harold becomes unconscious. If the forehead was bad, the injury could have killed the younger brother. Desmond Doss suffered remorse for his own actions. Never intends to have a fight with anyone in life. He leaned on Christianity.

Desmond’s father is a soldier returning to World War I. The horror and cruelty of the war changed him mentally. He is often drunk and beat his wife. From a young age, Desmond suffered from the abuse of his father. After puberty, Desmond rides on his father one day, and at one point takes the pistol in his hand and looks at it. But the realization is that the work is not right. Promise never to take up arms in life.

One day, Desmond was taken to a hospital and rescued a bloodied neighbor who was injured while repairing a car. After visiting the hospital, one of the nurses was impressed.

Desmond donates blood to the hospital, greedily spending some time with a nurse named Dorothy. The next day he goes to the hospital to donate blood. But the nurse said that blood cannot be taken frequently.

In a nutshell, in two words, Desmond fell in love with the nurse and the two fell in love with each other. Desmond began to study medical books from Dorothy, joining the army as a medic on the battlefield.After leaving the family and loved ones, Doss left for military training.

Although every step of the training is accomplished with credit, he objected to taking part in the operation. Senior officials said that if all things were not successful, they would not be allowed to join the war. Therefore, the weapon DOS must be learned.

You have to shoot. But Doss is naughty. He does not touch his weapon. She suffered a lot of physical and mental abuse for Doss’s decision. Nevertheless, Doss is firm in his decision.

Will the DOS be able to join the battlefield for success in training? Will he go to war and keep his promise? How is that possible? You need to know if you want to win 2 Oscars.


At the beginning of the movie is the family drama, murder and love, which will make the viewer happy, laugh, and fascinated. The next section features a completely different scene – the dreadful battle, which will force the viewer to rise.

Director Mel Gibson handles both parts well. There was no doubt that Braveheart, an action-oriented movie like Apocalypto, gifted with goodwill, would also show Munciana in a war film.

But Mel Gibson, who is equally adept at portraying family ties, emotions, drama and love, can be found in the Hawks Ridge movie. Prior to being named director, Mel Gibson was once a well-known actor. Therefore, it can be said that he is rich in experience.

Amazing Spider-star actor Andrew Garfield plays the main character of the movie, Desmond Doss. With a sweet smile and a straight face, the audience has captured the mind.

Desmond Dos became so involved with the character that he never once thought he was acting. As a result, he was also nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor.

Hugo Weaving starred in the matrix movie villain Agenda Smith, played by Dos’s father. Well done, that’s not to say.

Teresa Palmer plays Doss’s lover Dorothy. The blue-eyed woman, from the face of this woman to the smile, is all the more fascinating.

There is a side character named Captain Jack Glover who plays avatar actor Sam Worthington. His presence on screen was minimal, but the acting was not lacking.

Simon Dagen was in charge of the cinema scene. He presented the war very realistically and brutally to the viewer through the eyes of the camera. The viewer will feel as if he is present on the battlefield and can see everything in front of his eyes.

Rupert Grayson-Williams, two talented music directors in charge of cinematic music. They performed their tasks very efficiently. The precise background music they do with different scenes makes the movie more enjoyable for the viewer.


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