Ford V Ferrari: Melodrama Review


Ford V Ferrari: Melodrama Review

The sparkling racetrack stands in unison with the spectacular sportscars. The driver’s finger is pressed against the wheel of the car. Thousands of spectators are stunned. Whenever the referee flag goes down, the engine will start to roar, and the wheels will start rotating at meteorite. This adrenalin rush on the racecourse buys a part of the racers spirit as well. Skilled players win the hearts of everyone by crossing the bend at the wrists. Occasional incidents of losing drivers’ control of inexperienced drivers sometimes cause horror movies.

The epicenter of such a cold-war that really happened, One of the best films of the year is the Ford Versus Ferrari. Twenty-four Hours of Daytona, Twilight Hours of Seabouring Endurance Race was shown, but the main attraction of the movie was the famous race called ‘Le Maa 1966′. The movie has been released under the same name in various countries outside the US.

The context of the story is the sixties. So do not lose interest as if it were a revolutionary time for the automobile industry. That’s why Ford, the largest motor company in the world, was holding Henry Ford’s hands behind. Mercedes, Toyota or other namesake cars are now occupying the market. Ford’s grandson, Henry Ford the Second, plans to buy a Ferrari company, keen on seeing the Ferrari cars that are racing the field. But the Italian owner of the Ferrari, nose to nose, sees Ford’s cars. The company that makes such ugly cars, he will not even deal with them in life. As a result, Ford insisted that there was only one way to avenge the Ferrari, losing their nose at the racetrack.

The responsibility of winning Ford cars came from the shoulders of motor engineer Carol Shelby. Shelby himself was a driver before, but was forced to give up that entity because of heart condition. He remembered the old friend, another former racer Ken Miles. Miles’ outstanding knowledge of automobiles is somewhat rugged and stubborn. The name of the British Miles as a racer driver is quite fitting!

Although the main context of the story is the self-esteem of the two corporate magnets, the life of the story is the friendship of Shelby and Miles. Viewers will be able to feel the anger, heat, pride, love, regret, confidence, or urge to move forward. Outside the race field, smiling moments will break even when the car or even the plane leaves.

In the days of the First and the Furious, race-dependent movies failed to blur the mind of the viewer. Comparisons can be made with the recent movie ‘Rush’. Just like the movie by Ron Howard, there is another tension in the mix of tragedy, comedy and action.

Stories based on real events often take the form of monotonous credentials. But the acting, directing, screenplay has been matched in such a way that the ‘Ford Versus Ferrari’ will be on the list of the most enjoyable movies of the year. Even if you are not attracted to the car, the movie will win your heart with its lively pace.


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