Famous Movies about war


Famous Movies about war

The movie is reflected in life. Life-struggles are wandering around print, and waking up to science fiction and adventure. Also throughout the movie, the countries fought differently in the historical war or the struggle for independence of different countries. It is organized with some glorious war-based films from different countries.

Rome, open city (1945)

Robert Rossellini’s masterpiece ‘Rome Open City’ depicts the tragic depiction of the tragedy of World War II. The director has shown the heroic resistance of Hitler’s occupation of Rome to the Italian occupation. Rossellini also successfully portrays wartime cruelty in the film.

Slave boots (1981)

Director Wolfgang Peterson has rescued viewers from a one-on-one war film in Germany, surrounded by World War II. The tension of fighting the submarine, the fear of getting stuck in the submarine, the respect for the brave opponent are all seen in this film.

Platoon (1986)

An enjoyable picture platoon of the Vietnam War. In addition to the horrors of the war, director Oliver Stone also portrays morality and humanity in great detail.

Shindlers List (1993)

The Shindlers’ List is based on the story of World War II, directed by Steven Spielberg. Oscar Schindler works in the factory of a German businessman who rescued at least a thousand Polish Jews from the genocide of Hitler forces. It is considered one of the best pictures of all time.

Brave Heart (1995)

‘Brave Heart’ is a heart-wrenching film. William Wallace, a Scottish warrior of the 13th century, led the first independence war of the Scots from the King of England. The story has come out in the picture. Best Picture, Best Director (Mel Gibson) The Oscar won five awards.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)

The story goes on about the Normandy attack in World War II. There is war, emotional conflict with him. Private Ryan’s brothers were killed in battle. So the captain, trying to ensure that the last living brother of the family was not killed in the war. The film won five Oscars, including the Best Director. The film is at the forefront of business success so far as a war picture.

Grave of the Fire Flies (1998)

The animation is to praise this movie. The impact of war on the lives of children and adolescents cannot be understood without watching this movie. The Grave of the Fire fleet has a clever scene of the survival of two Japanese children who have been expelled from their hometown in the US military bombing.

Downfall (2004)

Adolf Hitler shot himself in a bunker in Berlin in the wake of the German defeat in World War II. The film depicts Hitler’s last days. However, the film has criticized the extreme anti-Semitic Hitler humanitarian aspects.


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