Bollywood film ‘Mulk’ audience Review


Bollywood film ‘Mulk’ audience Review

Before the release, the trailer of the film caused a huge storm through social media. The controversy over ‘Mulk’ has been on the rise since its release recently.

What’s in this picture? What did the director feel about Sinha? On the one hand, there has been a wave of criticism in India after the release of the film. However, the number of second parties in the media is heavy.

The story of recovering the lost self-esteem of a Muslim family living in Mulk Benares. The film depicts the life of a Muslim family in Benares. The Muslim family of Benares lives in the family of two brothers Murad (Rishi) and Bilal (Manoj Pahwa). It is no exception that Indian eight-to-ten Muslim joint families are either.

Bilal’s son Shahid (symbol Babbar) is the main source of the explosion. He became the target of the police as a terrorist and militant. Shahid died at his home in the hands of the police ‘encounter specialist’ Danish (Rajat).

From that time on, the family continued to struggle. The rest of the family members know nothing about it, though. But the administration and the government are up and running to prove that the whole family is involved in terrorism or militancy.

At the same time, the picture repeatedly shows a human being who is suspected of being a Muslim. Meanwhile, Bilal was picked up by the police. Murad was also arrested.

Government lawyer Santosh (Ashutosh) tries to prove in court that Murad and Bilal’s entire family are involved in anti-national terrorist activities and they are militants. No need for proof. Because they are Muslims!

The story of Islamophobia has repeatedly appeared in many cinema scenes. Some dialogue in the film poses questions or views on this society or misconceptions of the social system. Actor Rishi Kapoor is heard saying in a film dialogue,

As long as a Muslim family in India celebrates the victory of Pakistan, Pakistanis will have their inscription on the walls of their palace.

Again the government prosecutor said in court,

In the Muslim family, many children are used to jihad, as many children are born.

Negotiations and arguments before the release are not the end of the country. Many have complained to director Bhavesh Sinha for making this film with a sympathetic attitude towards Muslims. Many have complained that this film was made by Jawahar Sinha to smuggle Pakistanis!

However, according to many, the country is a staunch response to India’s current social system. In recent times, people of a particular religion in India have been struggling to survive in society and prove their patriotism, this movie will question that society.

At a time when the citizenship of the four million people in India is questioned, this picture is very relevant and much needed.

One of the actresses of the film, Taposhi Pannu, said at the time of the release of the film directly,

The way that people of a particular religion are being targeted in India has inspired him to do this film. “


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