Blade: The Vampire Hunter


If you were told which one of the favorite characters in the Marvel superheroes would be chosen, one might choose Spider-Man, some Iron Man or some Captain America. Very few people will say of the Blade.

As it happens, the Blade character is a “C” grade character in Marvel Comics! In the comicbook, Blade was created in the seventies, but very few people knew the character well before the beginning of the 21st century. The ‘Bleed’ movie starring ‘Wesley Snipes’, released in 1998, however, changed the whole scene. Wearing black glasses with black clothing and using a silver sword, this stylish vampire hunter pops into people’s minds very quickly.

Two more installments of the series were released after the Bleed movie in 2002 and 2004 respectively. Movies for the Hollywood superhero movie and Marvel Studios are of much importance. Without these movies, the current Marvel Studios could have existed for nearly $ 20 billion from the box office!

‘Bleed’ was released twenty years before the release of Hollywood’s first black actor-turned-superhero movie and the ‘Black Panther’. Bleed was also the first Hollywood-rated superhero movie.

Bleed in comics and other media

In 1973 issue of Marvel Comic ‘Tomb of Dracula, Blade was first introduced by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan. The story of Comic Bleed is quite different. Blade is a half-human-half-vampire whose life goal is to wipe out other vampires, in simple terms Blade is a vampire hunter.

Although known as Blade, the character’s real name is Eric Brooks. Eric was born in a brothel in the early nineteenth century. While Blade was in the womb, mother Tara Brooks was captured by a vampire ‘Deacon Frost’. Tara later died after giving birth to Eric. Born half-human-half-vampire blades. Vampires can’t get out during the day and can’t tolerate silver, but Eric has no problem with that. Except for the weaknesses of the vampires, all the superpowers were blades. Bleed was called “Day-Walker” for the day.

In adolescence, Blade started training from a vampire hunter called ‘Jamal Afari’. But the death of Jamal Afari, the vampire, made Blade a vampire hunter. Bleed becomes a vampire with a friend, Whistler. Bleed struggles with some of the most famous Marvel villains like Dracula, Dickon Frost and Morbius.

Bleed was first seen on television in the ‘Spider Man in the Animated Series’. Bleed is seen confronting Morbius, the notorious vampire and Spider-Man villain. He later appeared on television series’ Bleed the Series (2006) ‘,’ Bleed Anime Series (2011) ‘,’ Ultimate Spider-Man (2013) and ‘Marvel Disc Wars: The Avengers (2015’)

In the nineties, Blade bought the “New Line” studio. David S. Goyer has the responsibility of writing a film screenplay. This author later wrote the screenplays of many famous films, including three films in the ‘Dark Knight Trilogy’.

While actors like Denzel Washington, Lorenz Fishburne are on the list to play Blade’s character, he eventually gets the Wesley Snipes character for two reasons. Wesley Snipes was a great comic book fan and knew very well the martial arts that matched the character of Blade.

Snoopy plans to do all the fights in the Bleed series movies because martial arts is known. The movie ‘Blade’, directed by Stephen Norrington, was released in the 1998.

In honor of the original comic, the origin of Blade is kept much the same. Although Blade’s age in cinema increased as a normal human being, vampires had superpowers and the ability to move through the day.

In the movie Blade deals with Deacon Frost. Wesley Snipes produced the next two Blades films with this movie, and David S. Goyer remained as a writer. The second and third movies face Blade King and Dracula respectively.

Wesley Snipes Scandal

The actor faced a lot of criticism when doing these three blades movies. There have been numerous allegations in Hollywood about Snipes, many of which are untrustworthy. He was not a good man to work with in the movie set. Snoopy’s accusations come up the most during the shooting of the third Bleed series movie ‘Bleed Trinity’

According to the movie crew, Snipes sat in his trailer day after day. Didn’t act like a director and didn’t respond to Wesley or Snipes on set, Blyde was called Snipes! Snape’s public debate with S Blair, director of the ‘Bleed: Trinity’ movie, took place. Snipes had to close his eyes for a movie scene. Many times the actor is reluctant to open his eyes! Later, the director had to open his eyes with CGI closed.

Soon after the release of Bleed Trinity, Wesley Snipes demanded $5 million against other producers of the movie for his alleged racism in court and a co-star for not reporting it!

Bleed’s contribution to Marvel Studios

Although Wesley Snipes’ films were debated, the movie became a savior for Marvel Studios. Today’s billion-dollar revenue Marvel Studios might not have had if it hadn’t been for the movies!

The first movie, with a $ 45 million budget, raised $ 156 million at the box office. In all, the New Line Studio earns about $ 567 million from the box office in all three movies. Marvel didn’t make much money from making new line movies, but how did Marvel make it?

Marvel has again made a movie targeting Howard the Duck, targeting big-budget children, which is slapped at the box office. From this point on, Marvel has been releasing its comic book characters to various studios for a small sum of money.

The Bleed movie brings some light to this dark era of Marvel. The first modern movie is called Blade Marvel. Marvel betrayed David S. Grier as a screenwriter. David thinks of the character not only as a vampire hunter but more importantly. Talks with the director have made the movie a great target. David also showed an imaginary world and a strange mix of the real world, with blood, creepy everything that the previous superhero movies couldn’t do. All this and stylistically starring Wesley Snipes’ Blade character turned the movie overnight into ‘Cult Classy’.

The success of the movie shakes the tone of Marvel. If one of their comic book C grade character’s films is so successful, what will happen to the characters in that grade!

Whatever the idea, Marvel sold Spider-Man to Sony Pictures a year after Blade was released.

Twenty-first Century Fox received the release of X-Men in the Twenty-First Century.

The movie also received huge success at the box office. But the Spider-Man, directed by Sam Remy, released in 2002, raised about $ 800 million from the box office, which prompted Marvel to think of making their own movie. The result is Marvel Studios, which began filming “Iron Man” in 2008.

The San Diego Comic Con Announces Bleed Movie starring Mahershala Ali will be Marvel’s fifth phase of the movie, which will be released after 2021.

Almost twenty years later, Blade fans will once again see the stylish vampire hunter hitting the big screen.


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