Avengers Endgame: A great movie that ends in a thrilling episode


Avengers Endgame: A great movie that ends in a thrilling episode

Thanos inserted a knife into Tony Stark’s chest during one of the fights. Doctor Strange was shocked to see Tony die, took another dimension and handed it to Thanos, his most adorable Time Stone.

But why? Because it is possible to lose Thanos in only one of the 14 million possibilities, and therefore there was no other way than to do so. The Mad Titan Thanos eventually did his part with the help of 605 Infinity Stones. Some of our favorite superheroes wiped out, as well as half the creatures of the entire universe.

It ended with a terrifying cliffhanger like “Avengers: Infinity War”in 2018.

The fourth episode of the Avengers series, Avengers Endgame, was released worldwide on April 26, after fans waited for a year of anger. The Avengers era, which began with the ‘Iron Man’ of 2008, is finally over.

Some will be involved with Marvel’s future projects. But Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawk Eye – these six original Avengers will never be seen without a reboot. This movie is about today’s movie which is causing madness among the film lovers around the world. Several plots have come up here. So spoiler alert!

Thanos later retired. The Avengers have begun a mission to bring all three trillion people back to Earth. They were joined by Rhodes, Rocket, Nebula.

But as the days went by, their hope of hope faded. Still, Steve Rogers is absolutely reluctant to give up. That’s when Scott Lang alias Ant-Man arrived.

Tony Stark joined the mission with everyone else, even though there was some hesitation. Forgetting all the previous conflicts, Masterplan joined Steve Rogers. Leaving his perfect life, surrounded by Morgan Stark at the feet, left him with greater interest.

Steve claims Tony was selfish a few years ago. Meanwhile, Tony also claimed Steve was only a serum super soldier. Both of them proved wrong this time.

The eyes of the thunderbolt can be seen in the eyes of the thunder. Adapting to a strong negative situation has become a major challenge for him. He lost almost everything in the wake of Ragnarok and Infinity War. Losing the chance to kill Thanos also burns him in remorse.

The evil thunderbolt that came down on Wakanda’s ground with Stormbreaker by Bifrost was quite weak. Although Thor’s post-trauma presentation was somewhat ridiculous, the issue of his emotional distress was serious enough. That is why it was necessary to present Thor differently in the interest of character development.

For several years, Bruce Banner had been tending to his own light. Bruce, a PhD with seven, has finally been able to solve that problem. The ‘smashing’ light we are familiar with, however, varies widely. Yet Strongest Avenger has served the most important responsibility. But unfortunately Mark Ruffalo, due to the complexity of the deal with Universal, may not be making a solo movie anymore.

Clint and Natasha’s relationship has been fulfilled here. We may soon find out what happened in Budapest. However, the story of Bruce and Natasha remains unfinished. Natasha finds Bruce to recruit the Avengers, who has repeatedly helped control the light entity. After two and a half years in his voice, Bruce found himself back as a human. But after being thrown off the edge of the mountain in the Age of Ultron, there was no more scene between them onscreen. Endgame has also been avoided in the interest of comedic moments.

According to a huge budget franchise movie, the amount of action in Endgame was quite low. The creators may have given the impression that there was no action packed scene in the movie trailer. The Epic Battle of the End didn’t take too long.

Iron Man’s Mark 85 suite looks a little less functional than the Mark 50. Thanos was a little weak in the Gauntlet in Infinity War, but here he is at war with his full strength. That is also one of the reasons why the war is passing. There was enough Dark Tone movie but there was no shortage of humorous moments. And only fans will know the significance of the words “I am Iron Man”, “Heel Hydra”, “Love You Three Thousand” or “Avengers Assembly”.

The plot centered on time travel has left many in contention. In this case, Marvel’s Timeline Theory did not follow the principles of Grandfather Paradox or the Butterfly Effect.

Different timelines have emerged here to bring in multiverse. Just as the timelines were created when Infinity Stone was brought in, the Stones were reverted to the original timeline.

Even then, many things remain unaddressed. The upcoming Guardian of the Galaxy: Part Three, Doctor Strange sequel or Disney streaming TV series might have the answer.

Meanwhile, writers about the age of Steve Rogers say he has lived with Peggy Carter not on any other timeline, but on this prime timeline. That’s why Agent Carter’s husband has never been seen before.

The mighty Mighty Thanos, who has been working to bring equality to the entire Universe, has been seen as a savage villain, and sometimes in disarray. Josh Brolin has unveiled the Marvel Universe’s best villain from behind a CGI mask.

The same is true of Karen Gillian, a Scottish actress who played the role of a nebula in bed. Meanwhile, Brie Larson has shown a brief glimpse into the role of the most powerful superhero Captain Marvel.

Naturally the presence of the new Avengers was relatively low, with Tom Holland, Chadwick Bossman, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tessa Thompson taking the spot.

Twenty-two more important characters were seen at the end of the long movie, the sea. In a sense, the movie has taken a big test on Marvel movies.

This is the first movie in the MCU, with no mid or post credits scenes, and finally the Iron Man’s hammer can be heard. However, from May 7, the trailer for Spiderman: Far From Home is shown in the post credits. Director Joe Russo plays a member of a therapy group.

Also, the last cameo of Marvel legend Stan Lee is seen in this endgame. The movie did not offer anything very interesting in terms of conducting music. At the moment of suspending suspenders, it is lacking somewhat. The Avengers’ main theme, however, is the ability to deliver goosebumps at any time.

The $ 356 million budget movie grossed $ 1.2 billion worldwide in its first weekend of release.

Infinity War easily broke the record for the fastest billions of hits. By the time of its release, Endgame has grossed $ 2,320 million worldwide.

It has already come in at number two on the list of highest grossing movies of all time (without calculating inflation). IMDB so far its rating is 8.9 / 10, based on 441 reviews submitted by Rotten Tomatoes, the movie is 95% fresh.

While the action-packed sequel to the eye-catching action sequences reigns at the box office, art lovers are often victimized. So it would be wrong to match Endgame with other comic movies. The vast Universe has been created over 4 million characters for twelve years. Throwback moments from different angles have given the viewer pleasure, while storylines have switched their brain neurons. So despite some trivial weaknesses, the stories of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame will always be memorable.


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